Why Should I Choose Lawn Ranger?

commercial-lawn-care.pngLike the sheriffs of the Wild West, The Lawn Ranger has a history of fighting for your lawn. For the past 27 years, we have defended the good people of Bend, Oregon from the relentless assault of weeds, seasonal changes, and overgrown grass. Our commitment to lawn care knows no bounds and we have worked on a myriad of different yards and terrain. No matter how unique your yard's soil type, species of grass, water sources or aesthetic designs are, we have served a similar lawn in the past. Thanks to our long history serving Bend, we have a keen understanding of the local climate and environment, and therefore know how to keep your grass green and healthy in all conditions. At Lawn Ranger, we spare no expertise in saving our customers’ time and effort. As a boutique lawn care company, we keep your grass lush and green while preventing it from growing out of control. We offer a variety of weekly and seasonal services for a starting fee of $35 a week, allowing you to reclaim your weekend fun. Our goal is to give you peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that your yard will stay in good condition without your constant attention. Like a good sheriff, we learn from the past, allowing us to increase the quality of our lawn care while finishing the job as quickly as possible. 

Our Company's Commitment

As the Lawn Ranger, our role is to enforce your desires for your lawn, not to make decisions for you. We promise to communicate carefully with you throughout the lawn care process, answering any questions you have and doing everything we can to make your vision for the lawn a reality. We see instructions you give us and follow them to the letter, taking into account: the quality of your soil, available water sources and grass species, and any other factors that affect your yard. We may be the Lawn Ranger, but you are the Lawn Mayor; what you desire, we will achieve.

The Lawn Ranger Promise


What kind of lawn service can you expect from the Lawn Ranger? Instead of a you will see a fiery lawn mower getting the job done at the speed of light. No cloud of dust either, the Lawn Ranger always cleans up well. Our daring and resourceful team will save the day every time. Let the Lawn Ranger be your champion, you won’t find another lawn service like us. “Hi-Yo Silver, Away!” The Lawn Ranger promises to be in and out like a flash, to always leave a lawn clean as a whistle, no debris or clippings left behind, and to always fulfill your needs faster than you can say “Kemosabe”. In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction. We will not call it a day until you are satisfied with our performance. The Lawn Ranger provides weekly lawn care, as well as Fall and Spring clean up too. Before starting a project, we always offer a Free estimate so you can rest easy. Whether it be residential, or commercial, the Lawn Ranger is up for the task. We understand that each lawn is unique, and we are happy to listen and pay special attention to each and every one.

Don’t leave your wild lawn untamed!
For more information or to obtain a free lawn care estimate, call (541)604-1394 today.